Hey, hey, hey! Guess what? I’ve got a brand spankin’ new VIP Club and I want you, yes YOU, to join.

What’s a VIP Club, you ask? (Or maybe I’m just projecting my thoughts onto you…)

A VIP Club is where you get all the news, updates, event information, and best of all FREE reads! I have a new book coming your way chapter by chapter that you can’t read anywhere else! Let me project on you again… Why chapter by chapter? Because it’s fun, that’s why!! And because I don’t have the entire book written and because your feedback could help direct the story. And because it’s fun!

However,  that also means I can’t really tell you what the book is about other than aspiring artist meets fading star and sparks will fly!

So how do you sign up?

Well, if you’re reading this blog and didn’t sign up with the pop up…sorry, you missed your chance.

JUST KIDDING!! Just scroll down the very, very bottom of the page to the box and enter your information! 

Then check your email. If you don’t get a confirmation from me, check your spam or promotions file. Click to join, and –ta da!!– you will get a link and a password to the free chapter!

That simple. But if you get lost or confused or just want to… you can always respond below and I’ll add you manually!

Thanks and enjoy your free read!