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The Women of Hearts Series (Romantic Suspense)

I am so excited to announce Northern Lake Publishing has contracted the Women of HEARTS series. 

Meet the women of the HEARTS Investigative Agency: Holly Austin, Eva Thompson, Alexa Rodriguez, Rene Schwartz, Tika Brown, and Samantha Turner. With a diverse background in military, police, and professional training, the women have joined forces to make the world—or at least their town—a safer place.  

A Life Without Water (Women’s Fiction)

Twenty-four years have passed since Carol Denman divorced John Bowman, but he hasn’t changed a bit. Still crass and unsophisticated, he barges back into her life with one demand—together they fulfill the promise they made long ago and spread their daughter’s ashes in all the places she dreamed of seeing. Being stuck on a cross-country emotional roller coaster is the last thing Carol wants, but maybe John’s right; maybe it is time to make peace with him and the past.

All Mrs. King’s Men Series (Erotica)

All Mrs. King’s Men is an erotic romance trilogy that highlights the marriage of Garrett and Mara King, starting with Mara’s realization that she’s in over her head with her calculating husband. She has spent six years pretending she is immune to his manipulations, but when he uses her body as a token in a business deal, she can no longer deny she is just a pawn in his games.

Deciding she has to find a way out of her marriage without losing custody of her son, Mara gets in touch with her own scheming side—a side she didn’t know existed, but just might be even more cunning than her husband’s.

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